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Reverie by valeria perez

Un retumbo en mi alma sueña 

De lagos marinos hechos hogar 

Azuleja ligera espesa 

Sumergida en la profundidad 

Respiracion accesorio 

Rodeada por bendiciones 

Amore sesterlinos 

Sostienen y admiran 

Mis hombros, mi espina 

Su mirada habita 

la esencia de mi vida 

You are buoyant in my dreams 

Estamos nadando juntos 

I am the essence 

Of your respiration 

My presence 

Warms you crimson 

El rojizo no te queda muy bien 

Your grin escapes 

As it hears my very name 

Enlightening, Enchanting 

Divine Incantation 

A siren’s song 

My infinite attachment 

Your only demise 

Cuando falleces me quedare aquí 

I lavish in every 

Twinkling detection 

Of pure, sterling 


Begging to diffuse 

And engulf 

Every ounce 

Of soft skin, 

No existe suficiente cercanía 

My fingers

Gently weaving 

This tapestry 

Mutually absorbing 

Our serenity 

Si solo pudiera grabar este momento 

You find 

my pneuma 


It causes you 

To chuckle 

Observe in awe 

Reflect and question 

Dissolve in 

Euphoric turbulence 

Amo tu admiración 

We no longer float 

For I have tugged 

And dragged, 

Desperately carrying 

Love filled memories 

Wishing to resurrect 

Their stoic form 

You’ve left me with dreams

No me despiertes 

I’ll tuck away my dormant hope

Your embrace alive 

In my lines of reveries


Valeria Perez is a first-gen Mexican American born and raised in Houston, Texas. Despite the heat, she largely enjoys gardening (especially when her plants don’t die) and sustainability. She genuinely believes her best writing happens late at night in her notes app only to be reworked and dissected in the morning. This is her first publication.

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