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winter issue

So... what is this issue?

P&Q is having open, unsolicited submissions for our first winter journal themed "Rebirths." This means that from Oct 22 to Jan 14, anyone from the ages of twelve to twenty can submit their piece to us. Writers will be paid $20 per accepted submission! 



click here to submit your work!

  • We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify it as such and let us know as soon as it is accepted elsewhere (congratulations in advance)! 

  • The word limit for each individual piece regardless of genre is 3,000 words. 

  • You may submit up to three pieces of work in total, however, please attach them separately!

  • Please place your full name & state/country at the top of each document.  

  • Participants' information is ONLY visible to P&Q staff, and will not be shared without your explicit permission. 

  • If anything is unclear, unstated, or causes concern, please feel free to contact us. We don't want confusion to prevent us from seeing your work! Our email can be found at the bottom of this page. 

  • While trigger/content warnings are not needed, anything racist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, plagiarized, or prejudiced in any form will be immediately disqualified. 

  • Poetry

  • Fiction Prose

  • Nonfiction Prose

  • Flash Fiction

we are accepting

judging & age groups

Our winter issue will be split into two distinct sections. The first section of the issue will be reserved for writers between the ages of twelve and fifteen, and the second section of the issue will be reserved from writers between the ages of sixteen and twenty. Writers will be judged according to their respective age category.

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