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on top of the world - jed cha

When I pick up Mom's phone I see my face in a photo

Younger and shorter, a warrior

Holding an icicle-shaped sword with my older brother next to me

Smiling while letting out a war cry

Standing on a path between

A huge, booming waterfall and

A cool radiating ice wall

Dressed in a warm blue and black jacket

Looking fierce, waving my fake, frozen sword

Standing like a champion

On top of the world

Like a dot on the earth

I wonder if I will always remember

The moment when I held the icicle

The warrior I always wanted to be


 Jed Cha is a rising Freshman and has entered this contest in hopes of proving his worth as a poet. Some of his hobbies including writing, rock climbing, and tennis. He has been writing since he was little and the journey helped him to achieve my goals.

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